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WPE is free. At the moment, I accept no ads.

The life of this journal is expected to be about ten years.

Peer Review:
Print journals have long used a system of anonymous, preacceptance peer previews. This system has many problems, including long delays, bias, and suppression of research. WPE instead uses postpublication reviews by those who sign their names. This gives an article's author the chance to reply to the reviews, and debate the findings in public, making WPE's peer review system more robust.

Data Sharing:
Research is based on data. Science has always required data be made available to confirm claims. WPE requires data to be made available upon demand, subject to the guidelines found in the current versions of the American Psychological Association's Ethics Code and Publication Manual. If an author refuses an appropriate request for data sharing, the article will be promptly removed.

Publication Delays:
Barring extraordinary circumstances, submitted articles are expected to be placed on the website within two weeks of submission.

Author Responsibilities:
See the Instructions For Authors. A unique feature of WPE is the requirement that authors have an email address and remain subscribed to the mailing list for questions. Authors are expected to reply to reviews, defend their works, and write necessary updates.

Role of the Mailing List: WPEList
The email-based mailing list will be archived. It serves a variety of functions.

  1. The list will be used to periodically inform subscribers of new articles on an as-needed basis.
  2. The list will allow interested parties to easily contact the authors for questions, requests for copyright permissions or data inspection, and conduct debates on the implications of the articles.
  3. By being archived, later readers can discover the history of the article's reviews.
  4. The list will allow readers to alert authors to relevant research.
  5. The list will allow WPE users to suggest and debate changes in features or editorial policies.
To Join the WPE mailing list, Click Here.

Using APA's Publication Manual (5th Ed.) style, example #72, the form of a cite from WPE is:
Author (Year, Month day). Title. WebPsychEmpiricist. Retrieved Month day,Year, from http://www.wpe.info/papers_table

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