Bakhiet, S. E. F. (2013, June 5). The Reality of International Research in the Identification of Gifted Individuals: Bibliometric Study of International Refereed Journals from 2004 to 2009. Retrieved June 6, 2013 from

Identification of gifted individuals is a central issue in the psychology of mental superiority and the education of gifted students. It is the initial basic step in gifted programs. However, the contemporary literature of this important process has not received comprehensive bibliometric analysis. Hence, the researcher investigated the identification of gifted students in international contemporary research published in refereed journals from 2004 to 2009. Using the bibliometric method, 157 studies were analyzed (all the studies in the identification of gifted students in the specified period). These studies constituted 15.54% of the international scientific production in the talent and superiority field. The reality of identification research was investigated by analyzing the following indices: quantity of production and its time allocation, journals publishing the largest number of studies, type of talent identified, issues, methods, tools, educational stages, and number of authors and their gender and countries. The results were discussed, conclusions concerning positive and negative aspects were drawn, and recommendations and suggestions for further research were offered. The study concluded that the identification of gifted individuals is concerned with varied talent categories and rich in models, approaches and issues, which entail continuous efforts for professional development on the part of researchers.

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