Boben, D., Dobrean, A., Raven, J., & Raven, J. (2011, July 14). Slovenian and Romanian Norms for the Raven Progressive Matrices in a Cross-Cultural Context. WebPsychEmpiricist. Retrieved July 14, 2011 from

The paper illustrates some of the difficulties involved in generating reliable cross-cultural data and the value of generating meaningful data. Specifically, it illustrates (a) the dependence of what appear to be significant differences between cultural groups on variation in sampling and testing procedures; (b) the importance of examining such differences within age and ability categories; and (c) the irrelevance of the most commonly proffered explanations of cross-cultural differences in Raven Progressive Matrices scores. It also documents a major discrepancy between the reference data obtained in Romania – and especially that relating to less able young people – and those obtained in other countries.

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