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The Rorschach, Exner’s Comprehensive System, Interscorer Agreement, and Death
Includes prior reviews, authors’ reply, & author’s update R.K. McKinzey & Victoria Campagna 4/27/02 11/28/05
Response to Flynn: Searching for justice: The discovery of IQ gains over time John Raven 5/17/02
Intelligence, engineered invisibility, and the destruction of life on Earth John Raven 7/7/02
Equivalence of the computerized and orally administered Word Memory Test effort measures Lyle Allen & Paul Green 9/20/02
The Measurement of Change in Groups and Individuals, with Particular Reference to the Value of Gain Scores: A New IRT-Based Methodology for the Assessment of Treatment Effects and Utilizing Gain Scores
Jorg Prieler & John Raveng
10/20/02 11/7/02
The current accuracy rates of the Word Memory Test R.K. McKinzey 4/5/03 4/21/11
Exposing eyewitness fallibility Martin Blinder 9/6/03 9/6/03
Too dumb to die: Mental retardation meets the death penalty R.K. McKinzey 9/20/03 2/20/08
Comparison of the Test of Memory Malingering and the Word Memory Test for identifying response bias in a series of compensation cases Paul Green, John Berendt, Allen Mandel, & Lyle Allen 10/1/03 10/1/03
Two interpretations of Jim Wood’s specimen Rorschach protocol Karson & Kline 4/4/04
An introduction to the psychology of interrogations and confessions DeClue 4/14/04
On the Admissibility of Testimony Utilizing an Aide-mémoire in a Frye State DeClue 5/8/04
Concurrent validity of the TOMM and LNNB McKinzey, Podd, & Kreibehl 6/25/04
Raven norms for the lower range of IQ McKinzey & Raven 4/25/05
The Rorschach’s false positive rate is 81% McKinzey 5/15/05
A Replication and Extension of the Item-Analysis of the Standard Progressive Matrices Plus, Together With a Comparison of the Results of Applying Three Variants of Item Response Theory Raven, Prieler, & Benesch 6/15/05
Normative data from the standardization of Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices in Kuwait in an international context. Abdel-Khalek & Raven 9/2/05 6/23/08
Raven’s Progressive Matrices: The “Flynn Effect” Continues Raven 10/1/05
Romanian Standardization Of Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices Plus Dobrean, Raven, Comsa, Rusu, & Balazsi 10/10/05
Human Sexuality Attitudes of Mexican-American College Students Eisenman 11/1/05
The Coloured Progressive Matrices in South Africa Linstrom, Raven & Raven 5/22/06
Raven Standard Progressive Matrices norms for Indian tribal areas Deshpande & Patwardhan 9/4/06
Should States Require Special Certification for Psychologists Who Work with Sex Offenders? DeClue 9/11/06
Legal and Deviant Behavior at a Four-Way Stop: A Qualitative Study Eisenman 9/19/06
Linking Psychometric and Cognitive-Developmental Frameworks for Thinking About Intellectual Functioning Styles 9/19/06
Lessons Learned while Developing a Romanian Version of the Mill Hill Vocabulary Test Raven 9/20/06
Achievement well beyond IQ Flynn 10/18/06
Excerpts from Chapter 9 (“Justice and Meritocracy”) of: How to Defend Humane Ideals. Flynn 10/18/06
The standardization of all the main Raven Progressive Matrices tests in Slovenia Boben 7/11/07
Understanding and Computing Cohen’s Kappa: A Tutorial Wood 10/4/07
The Factorial Strategy: A New Technique For Selecting the Gifted Atalla 3/25/08
What’s Wrong with Factor-Analysing Tests Conforming to the Requirements of Item Response Theory? Raven & Fugard 5/23/08
Raven’s Standard and Advanced Progressive Matrices among Adults in South Africa Taylor 6/30/08
Fundamental Problems in Psychometrics Raven 8/20/08
Bayes’ Theorem and the DSM: Is it a book of definitions or a book of tests? Karson 6/1/10
Spearman on Intelligence Raven 5/14/11
The Reality of International Research in the Identification of Gifted Individuals: Bibliometric Study of International Refereed

Slovenian and Romanian Norms for the Raven Progressive Matrices in a Cross-Cultural Context
Boben, Dobrean, Raven, & Raven,

The Standard Progressive Matrices Norms in an international context among the middle school children of the rural commune Sidi el Kamel (North-Western Morocco)
Sbaibi, Aboussaleh, & Ahami 7/28/14

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